Parkway Process Technologies (PPT)

§ Building proprietary process technology platform, to support various business development and project execution related initiatives in a range of industrial applications.
§ Advancing technology platform with focus on several large-scale opportunities.
§ Evaluating the feasibility of providing innovative technology-based solutions, for a range of large scale oil & gas, mining and mineral processing related operations.
§ Commercialisation to be accelerated through Centre for Brine Technologies.
§ Expanding project execution capabilities to support technology commercialisation.

§ Queensland CSG Opportunity – Master Plan

§ Ongoing progress in advancing major project, the subject of recent feasibility study.
§ Building Master Plan related capabilities, towards providing industry-wide solution.
§ Significant opportunity to provide near-term solutions based on upstream technology.
§ Evaluation of novel integration pathways for innovative process for converting salt
into industrial chemicals, provides opportunity for additional value creation.

Parkway Process Solutions (PPS)

§ Strategic Positioning
§ Continued focus on strategically important, particularly process technology related projects, with less focus on non-strategic short-term revenue generation.
§ Progressing development of modular water treatment systems incorporating PPT technologies, with various near term applications, including as part of Master Plan.

Parkway Corporate (PCL, GROUP)

§ Quarterly cash receipts from customers of $0.82 million, following record prior quarter.
§ Strong balance sheet underpins ongoing investment in technology & capability development.
§ At 31 December 2023, held $3.90 million in cash reserves and $1.80 million in inventory.
§ Reported cash balance excludes grant funds, R&D tax incentive rebate and other receivables.
§ R&DTI rebate of $0.53 million for FY23, anticipated to be received in February 2024.

Download full report here:

Parkway Corporate December 2023 – Quarterly Report

The attached Appendix 5B has been authorised for release by Bahay Ozcakmak (Group MD &
CEO) and Mike Hodgkinson (Group CFO).

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