Targets for copper deposits in addition to lithium possible

First Lithium Minerals Corp. (CSE: FLM; OTC: FLMCF; FSE: X28) has added an additional 547 mining claims to its Lidstone exploration project in the Thunder Bay Mining Division of northwestern Ontario. The new mining claims have been staked directly. They increase the total claim area by 11,105 hectares to a total of 12,830 hectares. According to recent reports from the Ontario Geological Survey, the area could contain exploration targets for copper deposits in addition to lithium.

The Lidstone project area is located in the Thunder Bay Mining Division in northwestern Ontario, approximately 120 km northeast of the town of Armstrong, Ontario, and has good infrastructure for exploration activities with many logging roads providing easy access. The newly acquired mining claims are located in the Witchwood and Morden Lake areas and are adjacent to Lidstone’s existing mining claims (Figure 2).

In January 2024, the Ontario Geological Survey (OGS) had released its 2023-2024 Recommendations for Exploration report highlighting the lithium-cesium-tantalum (LCT) pegmatite potential in the Witchwood and Morden Lake areas, Eastern English River Subprovince, which are in close proximity to the Company’s Lidstone project. The exploration recommendations in this report are based on field work and sampling conducted by OGS during the 2023 field season, as well as historical exploration work and geological surveys in the area.

Lidstone Mining Claims Group, Thunder Bay Mining Division, Northwestern Ontario. Area of recommendation (OGS). Source: Company reports, Ontario Geological Survey

Rob Saltsman, CEO and Director of First Lithium Minerals, commented, “While we have long recognized the Lidstone project area as an attractive exploration target for lithium and potentially copper, the recent Ontario Geological Survey report on recommendations for exploration in the Lidstone project

area has solidified our belief and made our project even more exciting. With the staking of new claims, we are further strengthening First Lithium Minerals’ presence in Northwestern Ontario and are now strategically positioned with an extensive land package to explore the significant potential of this region.”

The Company plans to conduct reconnaissance exploration, geologic mapping, geophysical and geochemical surveys on the Lidstone project during the 2024 field season.

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