Arctic Fox Lithium analyzes its projects from the air using LiDAR technology

On behalf of Arctic Fox Lithium (CSE: AFX, FSE: O5K, WKN: A3D7WN), XEOS Imaging Inc. has conducted an airborne LiDAR survey on the Kana Lake, Delta Lake and Pontax North properties in the James Bay region of Quebéc.

Using Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technology, XEOS Imaging is able to provide aerial imagery that allows for accurate determination of the ground surface and objects on the ground. This method uses a topographic laser. It scans the ground surface from the air and provides the data needed to create a 3D representation of the ground surface and the objects it contains.

As part of the contract awarded by Arctic Fox Lithium, XEOS Imaging has flown over an area of more than 100 square kilometers. It covers all of the areas of interest that Artic Fox Lithium wishes to investigate in the James Bay region. With data collection now complete, Artic Fox Lithium expects XEOS Imaging to provide a full report on the survey in approximately two weeks.

And this report is eagerly awaited at Artic Fox Lithium because, as Gary Claytens, the company’s special consultant, explained, the LiDAR survey will give the technical and geological teams a clearer picture of the potential pegmatite structures on the three projects. This will not only save Arctic Fox Lithium valuable time, but will also allow them to determine the targets of particular interest with a higher degree of certainty.

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