44,5 Meters at 2.82% CuEq

Abitibi Metals (WKN A3EWQ3 / CSE AMQ) is conducting a very aggressive drill program on the polymetallic B26 property to expand the deposit as quickly as possible. This includes testing broader areas with lower copper equivalent grades for expansion, but also hunting for high-grade lenses of mineralization within the known mineralization. And Abitibi has now achieved a spectacular success in that regard!

This is because the company can report brand new results of:

  • – 2.82% copper equivalent over 44.5 meters from 146 meters depth in hole 339
    – 3.35% copper equivalent over 20.75 meters from 126.3 meters in hole 340 and
    – 3.24% copper equivalent over 9.9 meters from 156 meters in hole 341!

Abitibi had drilled hole 1274-24-339 to test the lateral extent of the high-grade lens discovered with holes 293 and 294 (March 2024). These previous holes had returned 2.6% copper equivalent over 37 meters – including 6.3% copper equivalent over 10.6 meters – and 2.5% copper equivalent over 61.3 meters – with 11.4% over 10.6 meters. As the company explains, there is still potential to expand this high-grade lens.

In any case, as CEO Jonathon Deluce explained, Abitibi was able to extend the known high-grade mineralization by 20 meters to the east with drill hole 339. This hole contributes to the goal of better defining the high-grade lens while outlining the low-grade near-surface halo. Ultimately, Abitibi is targeting a large tonnage open pit.

Now, CEO Deluce continued, the success of holes 293 – 294 and 339 to 341 will be used to target further high-grade mineralized lenses inside and outside the main deposit.

Conclusion: Against the backdrop of already high copper prices, which many experts believe will continue to rise, projects such as B26 are becoming increasingly attractive. This is because they not only have the potential to supply significant quantities of the coveted industrial metal (keyword: energy transition!), but are also located in a safe, very mining-friendly region (Québec). Abitibi Metals itself should therefore become increasingly attractive in the eyes of many investors with every drill success. Also, because of the fact that the company still has CAD 18 million in cash. This is intended to support the additional 16,500 meters of drilling planned for 2024 as well as another 20,000 meters in the coming year. News flow is therefore guaranteed.

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