Toronto Star offers Predictmedix AI first appearance on the national stage in interview

“What can your AI do that a well-trained doctor or nurse can’t?” Dr Rahul Kushwah, COO of Predictmedix AI Inc (CSE: PMED; OTCQB: PMEDF; FRA:3QP), recently answered these and a number of other good questions in his first interview with a reporter from Canada’s prestigious Toronto Star newspaper. It is the first time Predictmedix’s AI-based diagnostics have been the subject of a national media outlet:

Predictmedix is focusing on the large, emerging markets in India and Indonesia. The data gathered there in 200,000 scans so far is continually refining and improving the AI. If the company were to scan 200,000 people in North America as part of a clinical trial, the costs would be in the tens of millions, Kushwah estimates. Thanks to its cooperation with respected medical institutions in India and Indonesia, Predictmedix receives the data at virtually zero cost. According to the company, the accuracy of the diagnosis is already more than 90 per cent.

Incidentally, Kushwah’s answer to the opening question quoted above was: “If you go to a Canadian hospital, the entire triage process takes between 45 minutes and an hour. We are able to reduce that time to less than 20 seconds with our technology because we can capture all the vital signs in a completely non-invasive and non-contact way. The results can be seamlessly integrated into the hospital’s medical system.

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