Exploration work for the future

It’s easy to forget how huge Brixton Metals’ (WKN A114WV / TSXV BBB) Thorn project really is, with most attention understandably focused on the Camp Creek copper porphyry target as well as the Trapper gold target, both of which are well advanced. But there’s a reason Brixton calls Thorn a “multi-generational opportunity”….

CEO Gary Thompson’s company already has a total of 14 recognized copper, silver and gold targets on the Thorn property, which covers an area of 2,880 square kilometers and is thus larger than Luxembourg.

Extensive exploration activities completed in 2023

Brixton has completed extensive exploration work on the Thorn Project this year, which included the collection of 1,269 rock samples, 1,636 soil samples and 62 talus fine samples, in addition to drilling a total of 16,730.92 meters.

The Company collected these samples from numerous target zones, including Metla, Plum, Trapper, North, East, West and South, but also attended to additional regional targets across the project area. Regional work in the field focused on advancing exploration targets such as Metla, North and the Bing Zone (part of the East target) to ideally develop drill-ready targets for the 2024 season.

Exploration work for the future

In addition, Brixton has also taken initial geochemical samples on numerous regional exploration targets to test new areas for porphyry and epithermal mineralization. The bulk of the analytical results on these 2023 samples are still pending, but the company can already provide highlights of the samples collected on the South, East, Metla, Plum and Trapper targets.

Numerous, promising results from regional sampling

For example, 12 samples from the East target returned more than 1% copper and three rock samples returned more than 1 g/t gold. The absolute highlight was sample D132610 with 33.3% copper, 7.0 g/t gold and 238 g/t silver. This was closely followed by sample D132601 with 20.8% copper, 0.9 g/t gold and 149 g/t silver.

At the South target, 14 rock grab samples returned more than 1 g/t gold, while seven samples returned more than 5 g/t gold. In addition, there were four rock samples with more than 10 g/t gold.
Of particular note were samples D200985 with 39.0 g/t gold and 65.9 g/t silver and sample D200991 with 19.7 g/t gold, 142 g/t silver and 0.1% copper.

Brixton is also reporting nine rock grab samples greater than 1% copper and three rock samples greater than 1 g/t gold from the Metla target. Of these, sample D200565 returned 3.0% copper, 0.6 g/t gold and 75.9 g/t silver, sample D200564 returned 2.6% copper and 104 g/t silver, and samples D200882 and D200891 returned 4.2 g/t gold and 23.0 g/t silver and 3.5 g/t gold and 33.8 g/t silver, respectively.

In addition, seven rock samples from the Plum target had grades greater than 1% copper and two samples contained greater than 1 g/t gold. Sample D201553 with 13.0% copper, 0.9 g/t gold and 30.3 g/t silver stood out as did sample D200635 with 9.9 g/t gold and 0.4% copper.

Chairman & CEO, Gary Thompson, stated, “It’s great to see such a volume of high-grade copper, gold and silver coming out of new targets this season. It shows how important it is to have boots on the ground. We look forward to testing some of these exciting new targets on the massive Thorn project with drilling in 2024.”

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