Historical production data speaks in favour of the project

Ramp Metals (TSXV: RAMP, FSE: 6DK, WKN: A407UW) has only been listed on the Toronto and Frankfurt stock exchanges since the spring. Since then, however, things have progressed in quick succession. The first drill programme, consisting of four drill holes with a total length of 1,180 metres, started almost at the same time as the listing.

And this initial programme could have a lot to offer, as Ramp Metals sees these four drill holes as a preliminary stage to a larger exploration programme. That is planned for the second half of the year and could involve four to six thousand metres of drilling.

Where exactly drilling will take place and with what specific intention will be decided in the near future, as the management of Ramp Metals is currently eagerly awaiting the results of the first round of drilling back from the laboratory. These should provide initial information on where the most interesting drill sites are located on Ramp’s Rottenstone SW property in the north of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.

In addition to further drilling, additional ground geophysical surveys are also planned on the 12 claims of the property, which extends over 17,285 hectares around 115 kilometres north of the town of La Ronge. One regional structure is particularly interesting. It runs from north-east to south-west and also includes the historic Rottenstone mine. It produced 40,000 tonnes of high-grade nickel and copper ore, which also contained elements of the platinum group and gold. The grades were a strong 3.28% nickel, 1.83% copper and 9.63 g/t platinum-palladium-gold.

A technical report commissioned by Ramp Metals management recommends various geophysical surveys, including time domain airborne geophysical surveys (TDEM), soil sampling and geophysical survey interpretation, to further explore the property and identify new drill targets.

The historical production data speaks in favour of the project

One detail is of particular interest to Ramp Metals and its director Dr Mark Bennett: it is the great similarity between the so-called ‘Rottenstone Eye’ and the Nova Eye structure in Western Australia. The latter was discovered by Sirius Resources and developed into the Nova Bolling nickel and copper mine under the direction of Dr Mark Bennett. It made the shareholders of Sirus Resources into winners, as the company was later taken over for 1.8 billion Australian dollars.

It is still far too early to predict a similar development for Ramp Metals. However, the similar structure and the near-surface drill targets of the first drilling programme are undoubtedly extremely encouraging for this very early phase of exploration. Of course, this is no guarantee of later success, but at Ramp Metals there is currently no one who wants to waste much time.

Will the success of Sirius Resources be repeated in northern Saskatchewan?

The primary goal now is to better understand the underground geology of the property and to identify new, attractive drill targets as quickly as possible. The exact analyses of the latest drilling are therefore eagerly awaited. And with Dr Mark Bennett, the man who set the course for a highly successful exploration and drilling campaign at Sirius Resources is now closely involved at Ramp Metals.

The shareholders of Ramp Metals would certainly welcome a repeat of the success story from Western Australia in Canada’s far north. Goldinvest will therefore remain on the ball for you.

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