Ongoing strategy to systematically expand presence in the Belmonte Silica District

Homerun Resources (TSX.V: HMR, FSE: 5ZE, WKN: A3CYRW) has received final approval of four applications from the Agência Nacional de Mineração (ANM). They all comprise new concessions totalling 7,930 hectares. They will enable Homerun to significantly expand its presence in the Belmonte-Silica district in the Brazilian province of Bahia.

The new concessions are adjacent to Saint Gobain’s quartzite quarry operations and are therefore an ideal location for Homerun Resources to significantly expand its presence in Belmonte and the Belmonte Silica District. The new sites are not only attractive due to their geology. The proximity to the harbour in Ilheus is also an advantage for Homerun Resources that should not be underestimated.

The approval of the application is a further step in the company’s ongoing strategy to systematically expand its presence and opportunities in the Belmonte Silica District. Homerun Resources is focussing on developing its business in the critical and energy materials sectors.

As can be seen very clearly on the map, Homerun Resources has been able to consolidate a contiguous area in the centre of the province and exploit it for its own purposes. Within the Bahia province, Homerun has thus become one of the major players in the industry with regard to quartzite deposits in recent months.

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