3D geological model to enable better understanding

Heritage Mining (TSX.V: HML, FSE: Y66, WKN: A3DTM6) has commenced this year’s exploration programme at the Drayton Black Lake project. The programme includes drilling, soil and detailed mapping surveys to confirm and expand the historical high-grade ore shoot (non-compliant with NI 43-101 standards).

Thanks to the extensive historical data and the initial resource for the project, Heritage Mining is sitting on a real treasure, as the previous owners have drilled a total of around 28 kilometres. The only drawback is that they were drilled at a time when the NI 43-101 standard did not yet exist.

Heritage Mining nevertheless believes that the drill database is an important source of information for further exploration of the property. For this reason, a comprehensive 3D model of the entire property is being created. All relevant data will be incorporated into this model, which will include information on depths of up to three kilometres.

Hertiage Mining is staking new claims to expand the zones of particular interest

Heritage Mining has an attractive project, Drayton Black Lake, in one of the last undeveloped greenstone belts in Northwestern Ontario. The progress made to date in its exploration represents important milestones for the systematic development of the project.

Highlights of this year’s work include the creation of the 3D model and the extension of the property along the Zone 3 gold-bearing contact to Zone 10. The Zone 3 mineralisation is associated with the contact between the mafic volcanic rocks and the batholith. The company has therefore staked claims along the contact to secure continuity totalling more than four kilometres of potential strike length.

New soil samples have been taken in the extension zones. With their help, Heritage Mining hopes to identify further drill targets so that diamond drilling can begin at the end of Q2 2024. The initial orientation grid for the new claims consisted of 88 samples taken at 25 metre intervals. This survey targeted known mineralisation at surface near the Alcona mine to determine the applicability of spatio-temporal gas-hydrocarbon type analysis in the local terrain. This will ensure that the survey properly captures the mineralisation before a property-wide survey is initiated later this summer.

Attractive but largely unexplored new zones

“We are pleased to report progress at Drayton Black Lake, with a focus on the Zone 3 target area. This is a testament to the systematic exploration approach in advance of drilling. Zone 3, an area where no additional drilling has been undertaken since 1937, is a testament to the potential of this project through 3D modelling. The extension along the gold-bearing contact between Zones 3 and 10 opens up new discovery opportunities. Now that field work and field activities are well underway, we are well positioned to advance our exploration programme and unlock the full potential of our properties,” stated Peter Schloo, President and CEO of Heritage Mining.

Property-wide structural interpretation and 3D geological model

The interpretation is strongly focused on identifying favourable zones that host orogenic-style gold. The belt hosts geometries consistent with two major deformation events. The formation of mineralisation during either event is possible based on current information. Interpretation of the first pass revealed 20 zones of structural complexity that have the potential to host low-medium stress sites suitable for both events.

‘The gold mineralisation appears to be spatially coincident with the sigmoidal, belt-spanning, second order structures at the eastern end of the belt. To the west of the project area, the geometry of the folded overthrusts, which lie at the end of and possibly above a large syntectonic granitic pluton, has geometric similarities to the Kanowna Belle multi-million ounce gold deposit in Western Australia,’ explained Dr Brett Davis, Heritage Mining’s consultant.

He additionally pointed out that similar macroscopic geometries to those inferred for Heritage Mining’s deposit have been identified in Proterozoic and Archaean granite-greenstone belts worldwide. They host world-class orogenic-style gold deposits, further emphasising the gold discovery potential of the Drayton Black Lake project.

3D geological model enables better understanding

The company has created the first property-wide 3D geological model to model the property’s historical database. The origins of the database date back to the early 1900s. Since then, a total of over 28 kilometres of drilling has been completed. They resulted in a non 43-101 compliant mineral resource of 70,000 tonnes of rock at 8.16 g/t gold delineated in 1980. A high-grade ore shoot was identified near surface.

The modelling of the database will enhance the Company’s geological understanding of the property and provide new insights into the styles of mineralisation and their geological controls. It is expected that further target areas can be developed as a result. They are expected to be tested for the first time in 2024 as part of the ongoing exploration programme.

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