Numerous uranium occurences shown already

The start of drilling is fast approaching! In early June, uranium company Aero Energy (TSXV AERO / FRA UU3) plans to start drilling on its Strike, Murmac and Sun Dog projects on the northwestern edge of the Athabasca Basin, which is world famous for its uranium deposits. Aero is now providing an informative overview of the information available for Strike in advance. This comes from the operating partner Fortune Bay on the one hand and from historical sources such as the former project operator Cameco on the other.

In any case, the exploration activities to date have shown that the project has numerous uranium deposits with more than 1% U3O8 (uranium oxide) – reaching up to 27% U3O8. Exciting for uranium investors: several highly prospective targets have not yet been drill tested.

In addition, historical mining – of only 1,000 tons – on the Tena zone in the 1950s showed grades of 0.6% to 3.5% U3O8 during processing. This confirms the geologists’ theory that high-grade uranium occurs in the bedrock at Strike.

On the – geological – trail of Fission and Nexgen

Aero is of the opinion that the uranium mineralization here is also mainly bound in structures where uranium is enriched in graphite. This is the case with Fission Uranium and Nexgen Energy further south in the Athabasca Basin. And Aero CEO Galen McNamara was most recently Senior Project Manager at Nexgen… In any case, the company’s exploration at Strike is focused on three conductive corridors of promising graphite-enriched host rock that total more than 12 kilometers in length.

Aero Energy – Strike Project Target Map

In the past, these conductive corridors were not tested with drilling. Cameco’s initial exploration activities on the Strike project did lead to recommendations for drill tests. But then the uranium price collapsed as a result of the events in Fukushima and the claims were allowed to lapse.

In 2022, however, Fortune Bay carried out some test drilling. Uranium mineralization was encountered in three drill holes and 14 additional drill targets were identified in the conductive structures that are drill ready. Aero Energy is currently finalizing plans for the most prospective drill targets on all three projects – Strike, Murmac and Sun Dog. The company plans to test 20 to 25 targets with this drill program, which is fully funded, beginning in early June.

Galen McNamara, CEO of Aero Energy, stated: “The Strike project is highly prospective as recent drill results confirm that a near-surface, high-grade mineralized system has been active on the project. Follow-up of the newly intersected mineralization is clearly warranted, as is drill testing of numerous geophysical and structural targets along the J, K and L conductors. Strike, along with the Murmac and Sun Dog uranium projects, represents a unique opportunity for uranium discoveries. We look forward to commencing drilling in early June.”

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