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Interview with Ali Haji, CEO of ION Energy (TSX-V: ION)

Our previous interview: https://youtu.be/F5e-PFaupgE

ION Energy Limited is a Canada-based company, which is engaged in exploration and development Mongolia's lithium salars. The Company’s projects include Baavhai Uul lithium brine and Urgakh Naran lithium brine. Its flagship, approximately 81,000-hectare Baavhai Uul lithium brine project, is a lithium brine exploration project. Its average grade is approximately 426 parts per million (ppm) Lithium and maximum grade is 811 ppm Lithium. The Urgakh Naran Lithium Brine Project covers an area of approximately 20,000 hectares (+70,000 acres) of highly prospective lithium terrain. It is situated in the arid and infrastructure region of the South Gobi Desert. This site is located 150km WNW of the Company's flagship Baavhai Uul Lithium Project. The Project's program covers five salars located in the central part of the Urgakh Naran basin.

0:00 - Company Overview
0:38 - Main Feedbacks to the Company from the Conferences attended
1:42 - Addressing the Market’s Lack of Interest in the Recent Press Release
4:07 - Reason behind the Company’s Funding
7:30 - Optionality and Conversations around Raising Capital
12:26 - Market’s Recognition of the Company
15:04 - Reason for AIM Listing
17:42 - Figuring out if the AIM Listing is the Best Option for the Company
19:54 - Mongolian Ground Team’s Contribution in Advancing the Company
22:07 - Inserting the Company in the Market’s Ecosystem via Strategic Partnering
25:48 - Outro

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