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Lithium ion battery technology is at the heart of driving mass electric vehicle adoption, EVs, and increased sales of hybrid vehicles. However, there is an increasing problem with the lithium supply chain, as the world's demand for lithium is outstripping the current global supply. Here's the problem.

Since half of lithium deposits occur in brines, the extraction requires several football field-sized evaporation ponds. A Lengthy process consuming time and energy, 12 to 18 months. And that's where our little known junior mining company comes in.

One World Lithium has the exclusive right to acquire 100% of a technology that may separate lithium carbonates from a brine, which is subject to proof-of-concept testing. If the testing is positive, the separation technology could revolutionize the lithium extraction process and potentially reduce the production costs of lithium carbonates. One world lithium is planning to confirm that this technology will have a higher lithium carbonate extraction yield than conventional evaporation ponds, as well as a negligible carbon footprint. One World Lithium's hypothesis is that this new technology significantly reduces the extraction process time. And if confirmed it will do this all on site using a new application of critical fluid extraction technology. The technology once proven has the potential to be a game changer for current and future producers. And it's only the beginning! It is time to review the merits of the potential of critical fluid separation technology and One World Lithium's unique value proposition.

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