Nova Minerals Ltd. /  26. Oktober 2020 /  1289 views
Interview with Christopher Gerteisen, Exec. Director & CEO of Nova Minerals Ltd (ASX:NVA)
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Nova Minerals is starting to focus on Estelle, which is good news. No longer the distraction of their lithium project and the project in Australia. Good news for shareholders and time money and effort going on the star attraction, Estelle. So now what? A funded drill programme.
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0:00 - Introduction
1:10 - Company Overview
2:23 - JV With Newmont in Australia
3:21 - Thompson Brothers Lithium Project: Change in Approach
8:02 - Estelle Gold Project: Ore Body, Progress, & Expectations
14:24 - 5Moz Enough to Interest & Excite Investors?
17:21 - Financing it All: Time to Off-Load?
18:28 - End of August Share Price Spiked, Why?
21:24 - The Big Moment: PEA Timeline
23:18 - Mining in Alaska: Restrictions & Infrastructure
25:44 - 4X Share Price Growth, How Much of That is NOT Due to Gold?
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