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09.09.2022 Interview with Guy Le Page, Executive Director of Conico Ltd (ASX: CNJ)

Our previous interview: https://youtu.be/qqGXxvPW8M8

Conico Limited is an Australia-based mineral exploration company. The Company's projects include Ryberg, Mestersvig, Sortekap and Mount Thirsty. The Ryberg Project located within the North Atlantic Igneous Province is a multi-element project spanning an area of approximately 4,521 square kilometers (km2) on the east coast of Greenland and 350 kilometers (km) north-west of Iceland. Ryberg is an under-explored mineral province with a significant amount of magmatism that has intruded the sulphur-rich sediments of the Kangerlussuaq Basin. Mestersvig Project is located on the east coast of Greenland, approximately 620 km North West of Iceland. The license covers an area of 1,447 km2. The Sortekap Project is located on the east coast of Greenland, within the Ryberg Project license package. Mineralization in this area is classified at orogenic style in quartz vein hosted. The Mount Thirsty Project is located 16 km northwest of Norseman in Western Australia is a 50/50 joint venture project.

0:00 - Company Overview
0:41 - Updates on the Greenland Projects
1:37 - Terms of JV with Greenstone
2:54 - Defining the Opportunity in Greenland
4:32 - Reason for Putting Out a Correction
5:54 - People’s Expectations in the Future of the Company
7:23 - Current Cash Position and Overview of Budget Allocations
8:48 - Challenges the Company encountered
9:43 - Evaluating the Greenland Projects
12:38 - Guy’s Background
14:00 - Market’s Attention to the Company
15:16 - Guy’s Involvement in the Company
15:48 - Decision on the Greenland Projects
16:33 - Mining Activities in Greenland and the Sentiments about Uranium
19:38 - Outro

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