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There is no transition from fossil fuels to green energy without copper. There is no substitute for its use in electric motors; charging infrastructure and wiring, batteries, inverters, wind and solar power, and even 5G. Leading experts therefore consider copper the most critical of all critical metals because, unlike graphite or rare earths, for example, there is an actual shortage of copper. Goldman Sachs even predicts a return to the "structural bull market" of the 2000s, when most commodity prices boomed because demand exceeded available supply, especially in China and India. But unlike the previous supercycle, which depended on China, Goldman states the impending structural bull market will be driven by green energy spending, of which copper is a key component.

Pond Technologies Holdings Inc. (TSXV: POND; FRA:400) strengthens its leadership team with NASDAQ-experienced manager Nigel deGruyther. As VP of Pond Biotech, Nigel will be tasked in particular with driving the further development of the new biopharma division at Pond. Nigel was responsible for leading Cynapsus' business development team until the successful sale of NASDAQ-listed Cynapsus Therapeutics Inc. to Japan's Sunovion Group. Nigel is considered a close confidant of former Cynapsus CEO Anthony Giovinazzo, who recently joined the Pond Board of Directors as a director. Giovinazzo was founder, CEO and director of Cynapsus Therapeutics. Under his leadership, Cynapsus raised CAD 176 million in the capital markets and progressed from the TSX Venture Exchange to a Nasdaq IPO. In 2016, Cynapsus was acquired for CAD 841 million.

The last one turns off the lights, they say. Or as they say in miners' language: Schicht im Schacht. Until recently, this fate of slow decline seemed preordained for the tradition-rich Flin Flon mining district in Saskatchewan. New geophysical survey methods and a resulting spectacular new discovery could now change the omens for the entire district. Callinex Mines Inc. (TSXV: CNX) und Searchlight Resources (TSXV: SCLT, FRA: A2JRPS) have set out to turn the lights back on at Flin Flon.

In nature, swarms offer protection from predators because the sheer mass of the animals and their rapid change of direction confuse the attacker. A swarm is not meant to attack predators in turn. But this is exactly what is happening on the stock exchanges.