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Waste export no longer fits our times and yet it is practiced on a global scale. Electronic waste is one of the world’s fastest growing waste streams. The United Nations estimates the amount of electronic waste generated annually to be over 72 million tons. Regulations are being enacted to ensure e-waste is recycled and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner rather than being shipped to landfills. There is a lot of value in e-waste, recycling is not only good for the environment, but an alternative source of both precious and base metals.

Through three targeted diamond drill holes totaling 601 length, Searchlight Resources Inc. (TSXV: SCLT; FRA: 2CC2) has confirmed near-surface gold potential around the historic Henning-Maloney Mine in Saskatchewan, gathering for the first time valuable geological structural information in extension of historic mining from the 1940s. Henning-Maloney is one of a total of four historic gold mines located approximately 10 kilometers south of the Flin Flon mining center that Searchlight has combined to form the Bootleg Lake Project.

The stock market is known to trade the future and when expectations run ahead of reality, speculative excess is created. This can currently be seen wonderfully in Sitka Gold Corp. (CSE: SIG, FRA: 1RF). Since last Friday, the share has started to soar and yesterday reached a new all-time high of 0.34 CAD with very good trading volumes. Obviously, the circle of those who believe in the potential of Sitka is constantly growing.

The U.S., not to mention the entire West, needs to rethink its commodity supply chains. The realization is uncomfortable: for the beautiful vision of a fully electrified future, more mining is needed, not less. And geostrategic arguments aside, there are good reasons for taking the extraction of raw materials back into our own hands. After all, where better to ensure responsible extraction than on our own doorstep? The necessary change in mentality is a challenge for an entire generation.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, they say. Group Ten Metals Inc. (TSX.V: PGE; FRA: 5D32) just released, for the first time, an image from its Stillwater-West polymetallic project in Montana that provides a kind of X-ray view of the massive dimensions of the suspected PGE-Ni-Cu-Co + Au mineralization that lies just beneath the surface.