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 Metallic Minerals Corp. /  06. Mai 2019 /  5435 Aufrufe

Proven and Probable Where we deliver Mining Insights & Bullion Sales, in form of physical delivery, offshore depositories, and private blockchain distributed ledger technology you may reach us at contact@provenandprobable.com

Watch the video and visit our website for more details https://provenandprobable.com/.

For more info on Metallic Minerals visit: www.metallic-minerals.com

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Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable sits down with Greg Johnson the President, CEO, and Director of Metallic Minerals (TSX.V: MMG | OTC: MMNGF), which just issued a spectacular press release identifying eight multi-kilometer soil anomalies with high-grade rock sample results from the East Keno target area at Keno Silver Project, Yukon Territory. Metallic-Minerals continued to exceed expectations and is selling at an attractive discount.

Find the exciting details in our interview.

WEBSITE: provenandprobable.com

YOUTUBE: www.youtube.com/c/provenandprobable

TWITTER: twitter.com/provenprobable

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