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WolfgangSeyboldDie axinocapital-Strategie

Wir sind dafür bekannt, dass wir nach wachstumsstarken und erfolgsversprechenden Small Cap Companies recherchieren. Unser globales Netzwerk, mit Schwerpunkt Australien und Kanada, führt uns immer wieder zu erfolgreichen Managern und Persönlichkeiten. Deren Company-Builder-Gen ist für uns entscheidend und Basis unseres Investment Erfolgs.

Folgen Sie und nutzen Sie dabei unsere 30-jährige Expertise mit zahlreichen Kursvervielfachern in wachstumsstarken Small Cap Unternehmen.

Unsere Performance ist auch Ihre!

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CEO axinocapital

Uns interessieren „Unternehmer bei der Arbeit“: CEOs@work. Wir schauen dorthin, wo Neues entsteht, suchen Unternehmen mit einer echten Story; Unternehmer mit Leidenschaft, visionären Ideen und Können. Der Fokus liegt auf börsennotierten Start-ups aus Kanada und Australien, wo dieses Segment viel breiter ist als in Deutschland. Wir versuchen Investitionschancen früh zu erkennen und verfolgen sie langfristig. Die Auswahl der Unternehmen ist subjektiv und verdankt sich meist langjährigen Kontakten in beiden Märkten. Börse dient im ursprünglichen Sinn dazu, Risiken zu teilen, die für den Einzelnen zu groß wären. Die Kraft der Vielen erlaubt es innovativen Unternehmen sich zu finanzieren. Es ist eine Freude, als Investor Zukunftsideen zu unterstützen und dabei Geld zu verdienen.

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Sven Olsson MA
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  • Granite Creek Copper begins 10,000 meters of drilling at Carmacks project

    10,000 meters of drilling is underway! Granite Creek Copper (TSX.V: GCX; FRA: GRK) has mobilized two drill rigs which will be turning simultaneously at its Carmacks copper-gold-silver project in central Yukon, Canada. This is a very early start to the drill season which means assay results are expected to be released throughout the summer. Given this program will wrap up in mid-June or so, the geological team is already considering the possibility for a second drill program later in the season if market conditions are favourable.

  • Cerro de Pasco Resources raises CAD 3 million again in oversubscribed placement

    Everyone wants environmentally friendly mining and the cleanup of contaminated sites. But when in doubt, small start-ups have to find the money themselves. This can be seen in the case of Cerro de Pasco Resources Inc. (CSE: CDPR; FRA: N8HP), which has set out with the vision of completely acquiring the Peruvian scandal project of the same name and rehabilitating it from the ground up, while continuing its commercial operations.

  • Blue Moon Metals wants to finish in California what the majors have started

    The U.S., not to mention the entire West, needs to rethink its commodity supply chains. The realization is uncomfortable: for the beautiful vision of a fully electrified future, more mining is needed, not less. And geostrategic arguments aside, there are good reasons for taking the extraction of raw materials back into our own hands. After all, where better to ensure responsible extraction than on our own doorstep? The necessary change in mentality is a challenge for an entire generation.

  • Group Ten Appoints Fortescue Co-Founder Gordon Toll to Board of Directors

    Great people don't like to dwell on small things. That's why the caliber of the people involved allows certain assumptions to be made about the caliber of a company and project. This correlation is currently easy to observe at Group Ten Metals (TSX.V: PGE; FRA: 5D32), which has just announced the surprise appointment of Australian, Gordon Toll, as an independent director. Toll is a heavyweight by global mining industry standards. Among other things, he was a co-founder of Fortescue Metals Group (ASX: FMG), now the world's fourth largest iron ore producer with a current market capitalization of A$62 billion. If that's not a remarkable personal and business success story! The man even has a Wikipedia page.

  • How Granite Creek is going to benefit from the copper bull market

    There is no transition from fossil fuels to green energy without copper. There is no substitute for its use in electric motors; charging infrastructure and wiring, batteries, inverters, wind and solar power, and even 5G. Leading experts therefore consider copper the most critical of all critical metals because, unlike graphite or rare earths, for example, there is an actual shortage of copper. Goldman Sachs even predicts a return to the "structural bull market" of the 2000s, when most commodity prices boomed because demand exceeded available supply, especially in China and India. But unlike the previous supercycle, which depended on China, Goldman states the impending structural bull market will be driven by green energy spending, of which copper is a key component.

  • Conico Ltd: Could Greenland be Europe’s new, strategic commodity bank?

    We don't know what was driving former US President Donald Trump when he tweeted last year that he wanted to buy Greenland from Denmark. At the time, Trump referred to it as "essentially a large real estate deal".... Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen immediately called the idea "absurd". Firstly, Greenland was not for sale and secondly, it was "not Danish, but Greenlandic". But is Trump's idea really as crazy as it seems at first glance?

  • Group Ten: 2020 drill results confirm world-class potential at Stillwater West

    The pros have long had Group Ten Metals Inc. (TSX.V: PGE; FRA: 5D32) on the radar: The company has attracted the attention of major international mining groups who want a behind-the-scenes look at Group Ten's polymetallic Ni-Cu-Co PGE project, Stillwater West. Today's news - an initial summary of last year's drilling at the project - again underlines why these groups are so interested. The world-class special status of this large-scale project for battery metals in the USA is becoming increasingly clear - and this despite the fact that not even an initial resource has been published yet. Group Ten now wants to deliver this in the middle of 2021, taking into account the drillings that have just been published. By then at the latest, the broad market should also recognise the potential.

  • Element 29: Spannendes, neues Kupferplay in Peru!

    Nach dem Börsengang Anfang Dezember vergangenen Jahres war der Kupferexplorer Element 29 Resources (TSX-V: ECU; FRA: A2QKKG) kurze Zeit unter den Platzierungspreis von 0,50 CAD gerutscht, sodass man die Aktie sogar billiger kaufen konnte als die Zeichner der ursprünglichen Platzierung. Inzwischen notiert Element 29 bei 0,54 CAD und die Verkäufer scheinen erst einmal weg zu sein.

  • Eloro Resources Ltd. Acquires Additional Exploration Lands at La Victoria Gold/Silver Project, Ancash, Peru, while Major Mining Companies Continue to Acquire Exploration Lands in the Area

    Toronto, Canada, January 17, 2017 - Eloro Resources Ltd. (TSX-V: ELO; FSE: P2Q) ("Eloro" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that the Company's Peruvian subsidiary, Compañia Minera Eloro Peru SAC ("Minera Eloro Peru"), has registered four additional mining claims totalling 3,400 hectares ("ha") (34 sq. km.) of prospective exploration lands on the southern boundary of its wholly-owned La Victoria Gold/Silver Project. This brings the total lands held to 8,042 ha (80.4 sq. km.) in 8 concessions and 8 claims.