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Die axinocapital-Strategie

Wir sind dafür bekannt, dass wir nach wachstumsstarken und erfolgsversprechenden Small Cap Companies recherchieren. Unser globales Netzwerk, mit Schwerpunkt Australien und Kanada, führt uns immer wieder zu erfolgreichen Managern und Persönlichkeiten. Deren Company-Builder-Gen ist für uns entscheidend und Basis unseres Investment Erfolgs.

Folgen Sie und nutzen Sie dabei unsere 30-jährige Expertise mit zahlreichen Kursvervielfachern in wachstumsstarken Small Cap Unternehmen.

Unsere Performance ist auch Ihre!

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CEO axinocapital

Uns interessieren „Unternehmer bei der Arbeit“: CEOsatwork. Wir schauen dorthin, wo Neues entsteht, suchen Unternehmen mit einer echten Story; Unternehmer mit Leidenschaft, visionären Ideen und Können. Der Fokus liegt auf börsennotierten Start-ups aus Kanada und Australien, wo dieses Segment viel breiter ist als in Deutschland. Wir versuchen Investitionschancen früh zu erkennen und verfolgen sie, wenn es sein muss auch über lange Zeiträume. Die Auswahl der Unternehmen ist subjektiv und verdankt sich meist langjährigen Kontakten in beiden Märkten. In manchen Fällen bleiben wird über Jahrzehnte am Ball. Denn das Neue braucht Zeit, bis es sich durchsetzt, länger, als die meisten wahr haben wollen. Klar, wollen wir mit Investments Geld verdienen, aber es zählt auch die Freude, als Investor bei etwas Neuem dabei zu sein und es zu unterstützen.

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Ihr Sven Olsson

Golden Goliath Resources

  • Golden Goliath Identifies New Drill Targets By IP On Bearegard Lake, Up Ice From Gold Bearing Till Samples

    Vancouver, February 16, 2021, Golden Goliath Resources Ltd. (TSX.V GNG ) (US: GGTH-F) (Frankfurt: GGZ)

    Golden Goliath Resources has been carrying out a number of exploration approaches on the Kwai property in Red Lake this winter. This includes IP surveys on the ice of Beauregard Lake, lake sediment sampling of the lake bottom and drilling east of the lake on the strongest IP anomalies found to date on the property. Although the IP survey on the lake ice is not yet completed, one of the newest discoveries has been IP anomalies found within the felsic tuff volcanic sediment sequence seen outcropping on the shore of Beauregard Lake. These rocks have not been encountered in any previous drilling but may be the equivalent of the felsic volcanics and sediments found to the north on the Great Bear Dixie property. Two IP trends have been found so far in the lake IP survey. One follows the anomalies along the Pakwash Fault and the other is located in the felsic tuffs on the south shore of the lake. Both of these anomaly trends can be reached by drilling from the shore with each trend being in the order of 50m from shore. Permits to drill from the ice have also been received as well as from sites along the shore line giving flexibility on how to test these zones. IP surveying will continue on six more lines later this week after temperatures return to more normal levels and the machinery, instruments and people work better.

  • Eric Sprott steigt als Cornerstone-Investor bei Goliath Resources ein

    Goliath Resources Limited (TSX-V: GOT; FRA: B4IF) hat Eric Sprott als neuen Cornerstone Investor gewonnen. Sprott steigt mit 2 Mio. CAD ein, was einer Beteiligung von 8,5 % am Unternehmen entspricht. Der aktivistische Fonds Crescat Capital LLC zieht mit Sprott mit, um seinen Anteil von 9,9 % an Goliath Resources nicht zu verwässern.

  • Geophysical Survey set to Commence Followed by Drilling of East Grid as Golden Goliath Resumes Exploration on its Kwai Project, Red Lake. Ontario

    Vancouver, January 7, 2021, Golden Goliath Resources Ltd. (TSX.V GNG ) (US: GGTH-F) (Frankfurt: GGZ)

    Golden Goliath Resources Ltd. is pleased to announce the resumption of exploration on its Kwai project in the Red Lake district of Ontario.  The Kwai project covers a 10 km section of the Pakwash fault south of Red Lake, adjoining the Dixie Lake area currently being explored by Great Bear Resources and BTU Metals.  A new road that links the East Grid to the South Dixie road (new GNG access road) has been completed and will be plowed immediately to allow access for the geophysical crew who will survey Beauregard Lake with IP- Resistivity starting January 10th. This grid will cover a 2 km section of the Pakwash Fault covered by the lake in an area thought to be one of the sources for gold grains in the tills on the West Grid. Splay faults crossing beneath the lake will also be surveyed (Figure 2).

  • Additional Pathfinder Element Data Refines Anomaly Trend on Pakwash Fault on Kwai Property, Red Lake, Ontario

    Vancouver, December 21, 2020, Golden Goliath Resources Ltd. (TSX.V GNG ) (US: GGTH-F) (Frankfurt: GGZ)

    Golden Goliath Resources Ltd. has received all of the multi element analysis for 41 elements obtained in 11 drill holes that have penetrated the Pakwash Fault on the west grid. Additional data is still being generated from three holes on the south trend of IP anomalies and a parallel fault structure to the south. A total of four holes have been collared on the South Trend of the West Grid and two of those holes reached the Pakwash Break near the end of the hole. Gold values in the drill holes so far, (Figure 2), including the four holes (K20-11 to K20-14) collared on the South Trend, have not reached anomalous levels above 50 ppb Au. However, elements often associated with gold such as tellurium, bismuth, and silver are suggesting mineralizing fluids have passed along the Pakwash shear and are associated with pyrite, sericite alteration and potassic alteration found in the Pakwash Fault. A pattern has emerged suggesting exploration needs to be directed eastward through Beauregard Lake in keeping with the gold grain evidence from the till samples that points to an eastern source for the gold grains (Figures 3 and 4).  The four South Trend holes are in the most southwest part of the property.

  • New Access Road to East and Central Grids Completed For Golden Goliath on Kwai Property, Red Lake, Ontario

    Vancouver, December 15, 2020, Golden Goliath Resources Ltd. (TSX.V GNG ) (US: GGTH-F) (Frankfurt: GGZ)

    Golden Goliath is pleased to announce that the new road that will allow proper access to the East and Central Grid areas of it’s the Kwai property has now been completed. This was accomplished in partnership with the local forest management company taking advantage of their expertise and access requirements. The new access road turns off the main Dixie Lake Road and leads to the central part of the Kwai property, crossing several small streams and one larger stream that flows out of the east end of Beauregard Lake (see Figure 2). From its terminus drill trails will lead to the planned drill targets on the East Grid as well as those to the south of Beauregard Lake. The road will also facilitate access to the area northeast of the West Grid where a NW-SE splay fault occurs that crosses the main Pakwash Break. Drilling is also planned in that area.

  • Pathfinder Elements Provide Guidance To Gold Mineralization For Golden Goliath On Kwai Property, Red Lake, Ontario

    Vancouver, December 7, 2020, Golden Goliath Resources Ltd. (TSX.V GNG ) (US: GGTH-F) (Frankfurt: GGZ Golden Goliath has had on-going multi-element analysis on all drill holes since the start of the drill program in order to build up a data base to classify alteration and provide vectors toward gold mineralization. A picture is emerging as results come in of a type of gold mineralization frequently found in the Uchi Belt and Abitibi Belt. As previously mentioned in the November 26, 2020 news release, additional check and in-fill samples from holes K20-04, K20-05 and K20-06 have now been received which shed light on an extensive alteration zone found initially by hole K20-04 on line 600E. Anomalous Tungsten (W), Copper (Cu), and Molybdenum (Mo) were found associated with extensive sericite alteration and silicification, as well as potassic alteration (red colour) not seen in any other holes to the west that were first drilled. One high Tellurium (Te) value was also seen in hole K20-04 in association with the high Cu-Mo-W. Tellurium is an important pathfinder for gold in many gold camps.

  • Golden Goliath Discovers Favourable Uchi Rocks On West Grid Southern IP Trend On Kwai Project, Red Lake, Ontario

    Vancouver, December 2, 2020, Golden Goliath Resources Ltd. (TSX.V GNG ) (US: GGTH-F) (Frankfurt: GGZ)

    Golden Goliath Resources has completed four drill holes on the southern trend of IP anomalies on the West Grid of its Kwai Project (Figure 2). These four holes (K20-11 to K20-14) have discovered a large cross section over 400m wide of Uchi basalt and porphyry rocks originally thought to be English River metasediments and gneisses. This discovery is significant in that the Uchi rocks are the main hosts for the Red Lake gold mines and now we can see that a large part of the Kwai property contains an extensive belt of these favourable rocks, which expands our target areas across the property.

  • Drilling on South Trend Reveals New Geologic Picture, Source of Gold Grains in Basal Till Still Being Investigated On Kwai Project, Red Lake, Ontario

    Vancouver, November 26, 2020, Golden Goliath Resources Ltd. (TSX.V GNG ) (US: GGTH-F) (Frankfurt: GGZ)

    Golden Goliath Resources has completed the first 14 drill holes of a 6,000m drill program on its Kwai property in the Red Lake mining district.  The 14 holes completed to date on the West Grid total 3527 metres. The program is fully funded and the Company will still have sufficient working capital to increase the drill meterage. Of those holes, 10 were drilled on the “Northern Trend” of IP anomalies along the main Pakwash Break. This represents about 1.6 km of the 10 km strike length of the Pakwash Break on the Kwai property.

  • Golden Goliath Drilling Discovers Mineralization in New Setting on Southern Anomaly Trend on Kwai Project, Red Lake, Ontario


    • Large section of Uchi volcanics incorporated into  English River Sub Province Package
    • Altered porphyry and basalt with disseminated pyrite zones and quartz intersected


    Vancouver, November 19, 2020, Golden Goliath Resources Ltd. (TSX.V GNG ) (US: GGTH-F) (Frankfurt: GGZ)

    The focus of the ongoing drill program on the west grid has moved from the northern trend of IP anomalies along the interpreted trend of the Pakwash Fault to the southern trend of IP anomalies and shear zones as announced in the November 10, 2020 news release. Two holes K20-11 and K20-12 on line 200E have discovered a wide section of Uchi type basalts and porphyry within the English River Sub Province suite of rocks, which is a new phenomenon not known previously.  Hole K20-12 (see figure 2) was drilled to 180m at -50 degrees north to test IP anomalies south of Hole K20-11. It intersected basalts and porphyry the whole length of the hole but was intruded by many pegmatite dikes and some granite, leaving over 75% of the hole in Uchi rocks. Hole K20-12 came below the collar of hole K20-11 which had Uchi basalts and porphyry in the upper part of that hole. Wide spread disseminated pyrite in these Uchi rocks explained some of the IP anomalies. Hole K20-11 had a 13m section of disseminated sulphides, whereas hole K20-12 had a 14m section which correlated to the IP anomalies on line 200Eand also had wide spread disseminated sulphidesin theremaining Uchi type rocks. Some pegmatites also contained disseminated pyrite which might have been picked up as they passed through Uchi rocks. The porphyry has been metamorphosed ,however, the “robins egg blue” quartz was preserved. (see photos on Company website)

  • Golden Goliath Completes 10 Drill Holes Across Northern Edge of West Grid; Will Now Test New Parallel Structures in South Area of West Grid, Kwai Project, Red Lake, Ontario

    •   Five drill holes planned for south structures and IP targets

    Vancouver, November 10, 2020, Golden Goliath Resources Ltd. (TSX.V GNG ) (US: GGTH-F) (Frankfurt: GGZ)

    Golden Goliath Resources Ltd. has extended mineralization and alteration zones on the north side of the West Grid an additional 380m eastward along the Pakwash Fault by completing drill holes K20-08, 09, and 10.  The the extensive quartz vein system that was intersected has been split and sent for assay (see photos on Company web site). Samples have now been sent to more than one lab in an attempt to improve turn-around time for results. 

  • Golden Goliath Drilling Follows New Mineralized Structures Eastward Along Pakwash Trend, Kwai Project, Red Lake District Of Ontario

    Vancouver, November 4, 2020, Golden Goliath Resources Ltd. (TSX.V GNG ) (US: GGTH-F) (Frankfurt: GGZ)
    Hole K20-08 hits two mineralized quartz stockwork zones 59 and 73m core length

    Golden Goliath Resources Ltd. continues to discover new zones of mineralization along the Pakwash Fault as exploration continues following this structural trend to the east. These new extensive quartz stockwork zones were not seen in earlier work to the west.  Hole K20-08, which was drilled to the south, was completed to 207m from a point 200m east of hole K20-04 and it was discovered that the basalt zone host found along the north side of the Pakwash fault has widened. The porphyry has started to thin going eastward and becomes more silicified. A major fault occurs at 111-114m in K20-08 with contorted, altered mafic volcanics with talc, chlorite and sericite alteration and separates two quartz veining zones from 51 to 110m and 114-187m. This lower section contains wide zones of brecciated quartz besides veining (see photos on company web site). The veins have pyrite along the walls and also within the veins as well as minor chalcopyrite and tourmaline. Basalt and the porphyry are the host rocks for these new vein stockworks. It was decided as a result of this discovery that two more holes will be drilled to test the Basalt horizon and fault further to the east under Beauregard Lake, and also to test a possible junction of an extensional fault that crosses or is a splay off the Pakwash Fault (see Figure 2). The first of these two holes (K20-09) is now underway from a drill pad located 80m east of K20-08 near the shore of Beauregard Lake (Figures 2 and 3). K20-09 has found a wider body of porphyry further to the east of hole K20-08 where it was narrowing, as well as altered basalt, and is presently cutting a major shear zone associated with the Pakwash Fault containing pyrite and sericite as seen in earlier holes 03, 06 & 07 to the west.

  • Golden Goliath Drilling Discovers Wide Shear Zone Along Pakwash Structure Within Favourable Uchi Belt Host Rocks On Kwai Property, Red Lake, Ontario

    Vancouver, October 15, 2020, Golden Goliath Resources Ltd. (TSX.V  GNG ) (US: GGTH-F) (Frankfurt: GGZ)

    Golden Goliath Resources is pleased to report on the progress being made on the Kwai gold project south of Red Lake Ontario and the continuing drill program to test numerous IP (Induced Polarization) anomalies associated with the Pakwash Fault structure and associated, parallel, splay faults and shears. The Kwai property covers a 10 km section of the Pakwash Fault which partly defines the boundary between the English River Sub Province to the south and the Uchi Province (and greenstone belt) to the north. This structure has never been drilled or mapped in detail on the Kwai property, however, it was outlined by a deep seismic survey by the federal government and found to be linked to other regional deep seated faults that are associated with the main gold mines in Red Lake and the LP fault 15km to the north of the Kwai property on the Dixie Lake property being explored by Great Bear Resources (GBR).

  • Golden Goliath: Laufende Bohrungen auf Kwai sorgen für Phantasie

    So funktioniert ein Bullenmarkt: Der Red-Lake-Faktor und insbesondere die geologischen Parallelen zu Great Bear Resources (TSX: GBR) schlagen voll durch. Gerade einmal sechs Wochen ist es her, da hat Golden Goliath Resources (TSXV: GGR; FRA: GGZ) seine Kriegskasse um 2,6 Mio. CAD aufgestockt.

  • Golden Goliath: IP-Untersuchung liefert entscheidende Hinweise

    Seit wir von unser erstes Interviewmit Golden Goliath Resources (WKN 542122 / TSXV GNG) führten und das Unternehmen damit unseren Lesern zum ersten Mal präsentierten, hat sich einiges getan. Unter anderem ist der Kurs des Goldexplorers von damals 0,075 auf jetzt 0,235 CAD explodiert! Das stellt ein Plus von rund 213% dar.

  • Golden Goliath entdeckt die richtige Wirtsgeologie auf dem Kwai-Projekt

    Golden Goliath Resources (TSX.V: GNG; FRA: GGZ) wettet bei der Erkundung seines Kwai-Projekts im Süden des berühmten Red Lake Distrikts darauf, dass eine Verbindung zu den geologischen Großstrukturen existiert, die den Erfolg der beiden nördlichen Nachbarn BTU Metals (TSXV: BTU) und vor allem Great Bear Resources (TSXV: GBR) ermöglicht haben. Diese regionalen Verwerfungszonen heißen Pakwash und LP. Insbesondere Great Bear hat durch seine Entdeckung entlang der LP-Verwerfung einen regelrechten Staking-Rush in der Region ausgelöst. Die Aktie von Great Bear ist seit der ersten Entdeckung im Herbst 2018 von einem Pennystock auf mittlerweile 15,70 CAD gestiegen, sodass der Börsenwert von Great Bear inzwischen bei mehr als 750 Mio. CAD liegt!

  • Private Placement Approved; Crews Mobilize

    VANCOUVER, CANADA – June 2, 2020: Golden Goliath Resources Ltd. (“Golden Goliath” or the “Company”)is very pleased to announce that the recently announced private placement has now received the necessary regulatory approvals. Originally planned for $350,000, the private placement was increased to $450,000 due to demand and then again to $500,000.  The Company filed with the TSX on May 13th when it had received subscriptions from 24 placees, including several Company Insiders.  The offerring closed at 9,960,000 Units at a price of $0.05 per unit for gross proceeds of $498,000.00 .  Two “Finders“ received a total of $12,000.00  in Finders Fees.

  • Airborne Survey Identifies Multiple, Additional Target Structures on Kwai Project Red Lake, Ontario

    März 30, 2020

    Vancouver, March 30, 2020, Golden Goliath Resources Ltd. (TSX.V  GNG ) (US: GGTH-F) (Frankfurt: GGZ)

  • 277 line km. airborne survey completed on the Golden Goliath, Kwai property located 15 km south of the Great Bear Resources, Dixie Property near Red Lake Ontario
  • Preliminary evaluation of the survey has identified multiple structures on the property worthy of ground follow-up.
  • Plans are to expand the test Induced Polarization surveys on the property and use till sampling to identify those structures with a greater gold potential in order to finalize drill targets.
  • Golden Goliath Resources (the Company) is pleased to announce that the airborne VLF-EM and Magnetic survey on its Kwai property, located 15 km south of the Dixie Lake Project of Great Bear Resources in the Red Lake mining district of Ontario.  The Company has an option to earn a 100% interest in the Kwai property. The airborne Geophysics contractor has completed a 277 Line Kilometer airborne survey over the Kwai property, which covers 4450 Ha (44.5 sq. km.) and hosts parallel structures similar to those found to the north in the Dixie Lake Area. The Kwai property covers 10 kilometers of a major break called the Pakwash Fault, which is part of a network of deep-seated faults in the Red Lake Camp that are correlated with the trends hosting the major gold deposits. These faults have been identified by a government seismic program carried out in the Red Lake Area as part of the government funded Lithoprobe Project.

  • Golden Goliath - Auf den Spuren von BTU und Great Bear

    Im Interview mit erläutern CEO Paul Sorbara und geophysikalischer Berater Robert Middleton von Golden Goliath Resources (TSXV GNG) das Potenzial der KWAI-Liegenschaft im berühmten Red Lake-Distrikt.