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 Khiron Life Science Corp. /  25. November 2019 /  925 Aufrufe

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Khiron Life Sciences (TSX.V:KHRN) CEO Alvaro Torres told our film team in early 2018 that "Khiron is coming." This time he changed his choice of words to "Khiron has arrived." A bold statement for a company that has been waiting for their opportunity to shine - but the wait is quite possibly, nearly over. The passing of the final regulations for the distribution of medical cannabis in Colombia are imminent. This is also the case for most of the other populous Latin American nations with progressive agenda's. Khiron is in a unique position to benefit the most given their first-mover advantage, ownership of clinics, and their willingness and openness to work with and help define the regulation for Colombia. The market potential for patients across LATAM is huge (over 80 million), the cosmetics market has even bigger reach for the company worldwide and they are also getting into the CBD pet-product space to which there are over 220 million dogs and cats in Latin America.

The end of 2019 and into 2020 are going to be very interesting times for the company because in their words - when the regulations pass it means for them "instant revenue" for them, which presumably will grow aggressively from the there.


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