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 Chemesis International /  29. Mai 2019 /  963 Aufrufe

FinancialBuzz.com’s latest Beehind the Buzz: Chief Executive Officer of Chemesis International Inc., Edgar Montero

The Latest "Beehind the Buzz" Show: Featuring Chemesis International CEO Edgar Montero MJBizDaily’s flagship event, MJBizCon, is the preeminent conference to drive business deals and forge valuable connections with cannabis professionals in business today.

Chemesis International (OTC: CADMF) (CSE: CSI) is an innovative, first-mover in the cannabis industry. With it’s worldwide reach and exclusive partnerships, Chemesis will establish and grow new markets around the globe. Chemesis operates in the most important and most profitable sectors of the cannabis industry. By providing knowledge, structure and confident leadership, Chemesis will grow new markets and revenues within Cultivation, Manufacturing, Distribution and Retail Sales.

Edgar Montero, the CEO of Chemesis, has been working to expand his business throughout multiple settings such as California, Puerto Rico, Canada and, Colombia. In Puerto Rico, Chemesis is continuing to develop QuickStrips a delivery vehicle for caffeine, vitamins, and of course, THC and CBDs. In Colombia, Chemisis has cultivation efforts with their project ‘La Finca’. With these multinational arms, the Company seeks to come out as a front runner in the Cannabis industry.

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